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Meet Our Fitness Family

Gerry C
Gerry C. - I realized high intensity CrossFit training was what I had been looking for and I would never return to conventional training methods.

LeAnn Mize
LeAnn M. - I learned that I am capable of doing workouts I never thought I could do, and in part because of encouragement and training from caring coaches.

Kevin Munoz
Kevin M. - Many of the exercises focus on my body core which I’ve learned makes a big difference compared to going to the gym. It’s also helped me get rid of my lower back pain since several of the exercises strengthen your lower back muscles. My cardio has also improved and I can sustain longer intervals of exercises.

Matt Stemmler
Matt S. - I joined because I needed to lose weight and stay in shape.

Doug Thrash
Doug T. - Don't want to stop CF ever....the variety is great and I just got rid of over 800 pounds of weights/dumbbells since I don't need them for home workouts anymore.

Matt Stemmler
Matt S. - I enjoy the daily workouts and having people to push me.

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