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Kevin Munoz
Kevin M. - The coaches are very nice and really take the time to explain the correct motion of each exercise. You can tell they really care and want to help. Additionally, we just started a nutrition challenge and now I am learning more about eating right.

Kim V
Kim B. - It takes time to see results but don't be discouraged, all of the small things add up to help you achieve great results!

Ann Crittenden
Ann C. - I joined because I needed to do something!! I had not been physically active since my retirement from the Marine Corps and struggle through colon cancer and chemotherapy. It looked like a challenge and my athletic trainer college student daughter convinced me it would be a great start for me.

Ann Crittenden
Ann C. - What are you waiting for? Just do it.

Doug Thrash
Doug T. - Don't want to stop CF ever....the variety is great and I just got rid of over 800 pounds of weights/dumbbells since I don't need them for home workouts anymore.

Kevin Munoz
Kevin M. - If you haven’t tried it, I strongly recommend you try it!

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